A Fine Collection of Editorial Wedding Presets
A beautiful bride standing against a wall as she is lit up by sunshine
by Marcos Sanchez
Attain Magazine-Like Quality with Just a Click

Essence delivers a sleek, minimalist style that elevates every photograph's inherent charm and feeling. Ideal for photographers seeking to attain a refined, sophisticated appearance, these presets articulate elegance in their simplicity. Amidst the clutter of daily information and visual overload, the purified aesthetic of Essence shines, providing a serene oasis. They enable your images to weave enduring and deeply resonant narratives.

9 x Diverse Lightroom Presets, each offering unique tonal adjustments and mood settings to elevate your photography's aesthetic. 9 x AI Tools for Lightroom, designed to intelligently fine-tune elements like exposure, color balance, and skin retouching with precision. ( ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE DESKTOP VERSION )
The minimal requirements to run the presets are Adobe Lightroom Classic 11 or higher and Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw 14 or higher. We do suggest using our presets with the latest versions. Please note: These presets are only available as .XMP-files.
For Lightroom Classic (Desktop): Open Lightroom Classic and go to the Develop module. On the left panel, look for the Presets panel. Right-click on the Presets panel and select Import Presets. Navigate to the location where your presets are saved, select them, and click Import. Your imported presets will now be available in the Presets panel under the User Presets group or another specified group if they were organized as such. For Adobe Camera Raw (ACR): Open a RAW File in ACR: Right-click on a RAW file and select "Open in Camera Raw" to launch ACR. Access the Presets Panel: Once ACR is open, look for the Presets icon on the right-hand side of the screen. It typically looks like three sliders (shadows, midtones, highlights) – this will open the Presets panel. Import Presets: In the Presets panel, click on the three dots menu icon at the top right corner and select "Import Profiles & Presets." Select and Import Your Presets: Navigate to where your presets are saved. They will either be in .xmp or .lrtemplate format (though .xmp is more common in recent versions). Select the presets you wish to import and click "Import."
We and our creatives put a lot of effort into creating our presets to give great value and satisfy the photography community. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund. This product is a digital and downloadable item, so all sales are final, and you can issue no refund. Please read our Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing our products. You will be required to checkmark our Terms & Conditions to be able to purchase this product.

Includes These 9 Presets

a bride lit up by sunshine and shade next to a wall
A couple in wedding attire intimately pose for a portrait; he in a white tuxedo and black bow tie, she in a white dress with floral accents, showcasing a blue ring.

3. Essence - Vibrant

2. Essence - Highlight Focus

1. Essence - Main

"Essence" enriches natural hues with depth and clarity, accentuating the inherent beauty and authenticity of each scene.

"Highlight Focus" captures the scene's radiance, elevating the brightest elements with a crisp, ethereal luminance that complements the image's authentic color palette.

"Vibrant" subtly amplifies the image's energy, infusing it with a touch more vibrancy that heightens the colors while maintaining the true-to-life look and feel.

Wedding Reception Dinner
wedding couple cutting the cake
a couple walking up a staircase

4. Essence - Interior

5. Essence - Direct Sun

6. Essence - Dinner

"Interior" fine-tunes the ambiance of indoor settings, enhancing the softness and warmth, to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere in the scene.

"Dinner" is designed to enrich the intimate glow of dinner and reception settings, deepening the tones for a sumptuous feel while keeping the highlights in check for a perfectly balanced, festive atmosphere.

"Direct Sun" gently balances the intensity of the sun, smoothing the highlights and deepening the shadows to yield a harmonious and radiant composition

black and white photo of a wedding couple

9. Essence - B&W - High Contrast

8. Essence - B&W - Highlight Focus

7. Essence - Black &White

Black & White offers a balanced monochrome conversion, delicately managing contrasts to reveal the depth of shadows and the brightness of highlights, rendering each scene with timeless elegance and nuanced detail.

"B&W Highlights Focus" accentuates the luminosity of highlights, casting a radiant clarity over black and white scenes, and emphasizing the texture and detail where the light touches most vividly.

"B&W High Contrast" magnifies the visual tension in black and white photos, boosting contrast to craft images with bold, dramatic interplays of light and dark, ensuring every detail pops with stark clarity.


1. Cool Down Environment

2. Cool Down Subject

3. Skin Retouch

4. Sky Save

5. Subject Pop

6. Warm Up Environment

7. Warm Up Subject

8. Bright & Airy Look

9. Moody Look

A beautiful bride standing against a wall as she is lit up by sunshineA beautiful bride standing against a wall as she is lit up by sunshine
photo of a bride getting her veil insertedblack and white photo of a bride getting her veil inserted
A wedding couple having their ceremon exitA wedding couple having their ceremon exit
portrait of a stunning looking bride infront of some architectureblack and white portrait of a stunning looking bride infront of some architecture
A bride standing next to a large staircase with the ocean behind herA bride standing next to a large staircase with the ocean behind her
close up of bridal bouquet flowers of the bride and her bridesmaidsclose up of bridal bouquet flowers of the bride and her bridesmaids