Lukas Piatek LPX
      59€ pack price
      Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets
      I have been working on the LPX set for over two years now. Traveling the world for weddings showed me that light is different anywhere you go and it can be hard to find the right preset for each light and setting. The LPX Bundle basically contains 3 different LPX sets, 2 in color and 1 in B&W. Each set comes with predefined looks that I created to achieve a consistent editing no matter where you are. The important thing in here are modifications that I added to change toning and look of each preset so you can create your own looks if you want to.

      Let’s have a look

      LPX Preset Bundle
      19 Presets with over 30 adjustments

      Includes the following LPX sets:

      LPX 01 – 6 Presets + 14 adjustments

      LPX 02 – 7 Presets + 15 adjustments

      LPX BW – 6 Presets + 8 adjustments