Kevin Klein KLN
      49€ pack price
      Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets
      I made these presets in a time of my life where I missed summer and its days with bonfires, long deep talks in the night and good simple food from the barbecue. I was looking for an edit that gave me the feeling of a warm wind in the evening, walking through the fields. Times that feel endless and like a hasty touch at the same time. These presets are my love poem to summer and all the people that enjoy this season! I think these presets will transfer the visual emotion into your images that you are looking for.

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      KLN Presets

      Includes the following presets:
      KLN 01 C
      KLN 01 C – ORG
      KLN 01 C – V2
      KLN 02 C
      KLN 02 C – ORG
      KLN 02 C – V2
      KLN 03 C
      KLN 03 C – ORG
      KLN 03 C – V2
      KLN 04 C
      KLN 04 C – ORG
      KLN 04 C – V2
      KLN 05 B+W
      KLN 06 B+W

      Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw presets working on Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4 and Photoshop CC & CS6