Diane Villadsen Pop! Soft Light
      49€ pack price
      Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets
      The soft light pack is intended for photos taken in diffused, even lighting – situations where there are few, if any shadows, and the subject is evenly lit. Overcast days, soft window light, the shade of a tree – anything without directional light being cast on the subject. The pack includes 11 presets and works optimally on slightly underexposed photos.

      Let’s have a look

      Pop! Soft Light Presets
      11 presets

      Includes the following presets:

      Pop! Daisies
      Pop! Dunes
      Pop! Farm
      Pop! Glacier
      Pop! Hearst
      Pop! Ivy
      Pop! Orchard
      Pop! River
      Pop! Sparrow
      Pop! Stucco
      Pop! Veil

      Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw presets working on Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4 and Photoshop CC & CS6