Diane Villadsen Pop! Color
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      Adobe Lightroom & Camera Raw presets
      The color pack works best on photos that are dominated by color. What this means is that if you’re just shooting someone in a red hat, but the rest of the scene is nature or a city scape, one of the other packs may be better. This pack is designed for images that have lots of color all over. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, the presets are based off of the images you see on this page. They work best on slightly underexposed photos that utilize complementary & redundant colors. (Complementary = colors across from each other on the color wheel; redundant = one color on top of the same color - ex. Blue on blue)

      Let’s have a look

      Pop! Color Presets
      13 Presets

      Includes the following presets:

      Pop! Banana
      Pop! Blue
      Pop! Blue 2
      Pop! Blue on Blue
      Pop! Orange & Purple
      Pop! Pink
      Pop! Pink Grapefruit
      Pop! Pink on Pink
      Pop! Watermelon
      Pop! Watermelon 2
      Pop! Yellow
      Pop! Yellow on Pink
      Pop! Orange & Blue

      Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw presets working on Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4 and Photoshop CC & CS6