1. What are Presets?

      Presets are providing consistency in your edit-work and speed up your workflow. Adobe

      Lightroom is using such custom settings („Presets“) to create automatically a particular

      effect on your images with „one click“.

      2. Which programs are necessary to work with Meridian Presets?

      Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera Raw presets working on:

      – Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4
      – Photoshop CC & CS6

      3. Do the Meridian Presets work with JPG and RAW files?

      Our Meridian Presets work on both JPG and RAW files. However Raw files will give you a better result.
      The Pop! Color pack however has a separate JPG with adjusted presets for JPG files.

      4. Do the Meridian Presets work with camera platforms like Canon, Fuji, Leica, Nikon, Pentax, Sony etc. ?

      Meridian Presets have been tested on multiple systems such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony,

      Leica. Pentax… without issues.  Our presets use the Adobe Standard Profile (2012).

      Make sure your camera is compatible with the camera calibration profile before purchasing

      the presets.

      5. Can I share these Meridian Presets with others?

      No, it is illegal to redistribute our Meridian Presets without our permission.

      6. I would like to see more examples of the Meridian Presets

      You have following options:

      1. Use the „Explore“ function on www.meridianpresets.com to send us 3 of your RAW


      We will edit your RAW files with the Meridian Preset you would like to see.

      2. Join our Meridian Group on Facebook:

      Link: www.facebook.com/groups/MeridianPresets/

      3. Visit our Instagram page to see more edits with Meridian Presets

      Link: www.instagram.com/meridianpresets

      7. How do I receive the Meridian Presets after I have purchased them in your shop?

      After you have checked out in the shop you will be emailed an order overview with a link

      to download your purchased presets. Additional to this you will get an invoice, where you

      can find the same download link as well.

      8. I did not received an email from Meridian, after I purchased your Presets.

      Please check your spam folder of your email account. If you cannot find an email there

      neither, please contact presets@lookslikefilm.com and send us all the personal

      information, which you entered during the purchase process.

      9. I lost my presets. How do I get them back?

      Our Meridian Presets are delivered as a digital download. It is permitted to create a

      backup copy to avoid the issue of getting lost the purchased presets. Please keep in mind

      that it is illegal to redistribute our Meridian Presets without our permission.

      Please visit your account on www.meridianpresets.com, log in and view your order history.

      Once logged in, you will be able to download the sets you have purchased.

      Otherwise please contact: presets@lookslikefilm.com

      10. How do I install the Meridian Presets?

      Please have a look at the installation guide inside the preset folder you downloaded.

      11. The Meridian Presets don’t look good on my images like I have seen them in the artists work! Why?

      Please see the Meridian Presets as a perfect start to edit your image to reach the final

      particular look you want to create in the end. The results from Meridian Presets depend on

      the technical quality and circumstances (e.g. light), how your image has been created.

      Meridian Presets cannot fix any technical mistakes done while shooting.

      12. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

      As stated in our Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Sale, there are no refunds,

      exchanges and returns offered by our side. All sales are final.