Let’s hear from Cody & Allison!


What’s the number one thing you know now that you wished you’d known when you were first starting out as a photographer.

We wish that we had known that being a good photographer was really not enough. There is so much more to our industry and job than just being talented. There are so many amazing photographers in this industry that you have to differentiate yourself by communication, business skills, people skills, etc.

Do you have a nickname? How’d you get it? If not, if your friends had to give you one, what do you think it would be?

Not sure the world is ready to hear our nicknames yet.

Where’d you grow up? How did the geography of that place inform your creative process?

Allison grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, and Cody grew up in Central Arkansas. I think we both grew up in semi-small towns/non-exoctic locations which has given us both an immense amount of travel fever. We love seeing the world together and experiencing new cultures.

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A common experience among creatives is this tension between wanting constructive feedback and recognition for one’s hard work from clients and colleagues and an unhealthy need for approval. Have you struggled with this, too? If so, how do you relate to or manage it?  

I think everyone struggles with this initially. Relating to our personal mantra, “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.” This quote is a daily reminder that the main focus of what we do is to be purposeful with our couples and that the real reward follows that process.

If you had to pick a personal mantra, what would it be?

Something we are currently trying to live by is this quote from Bob Goff. “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we are captivated with purpose.”

What can you tell us about how you shoot and edit (technically, emotionally) that ultimately led to how you developed your presets?

As we started to develop our style, we were very intentional about creating work that felt true to life but also something with some level of surrealness. We try to shoot scenes with a lot of contrast because we believe contrast adds some level of mood and surrealness. Whether it be contrasted light or contrasted scene, we look for contrast in every shot. You’ll notice we love our subjects to pop from a dark background. We do this to emotionally pull the viewer into the photo and focus on the action of the subjects and only use the scenery as the icing on the cake. From a technical standpoint, we love even and direct light. Even if it’s harsh light! It helps us give our couples flattering photos of themselves that they will love as we believe that’s ultimately our end goal!

If you had to pick between these two superpowers – flying or invisibility – which would you choose and why?

Allison would pick invisibility because she definitely has some introverted tendencies and it would be a nice escape every once in awhile. Cody would choose flying mainly because his obsession with Harry Potter. He wants to be able to get anywhere and take all the shortcuts!

What are you most hoping to see or do in 2018?

We are hoping to see more of the world together and focus on experiences. Experiences with each other and making more relationships/connections is one of our top goals for the new year!





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